Crimsafe Security Doors

Stay safe from intruders while keeping bugs and insects at bay, with our range of custom-made Crimsafe Screen Doors and Windows.

Crimsafe is the leader in door and window security in Adelaide and across South Australia. It uses Structural Grade 304 Stainless Steel Mesh, which is held in place with a patented Screw-Clamp Locking System. The design provides such enormous strength against attack, by spreading the load around the frame of the door, allowing you to feel safe while your solid doors or glass windows are open when home.

Most of our customers choose Crimsafe security screens because they look great on both modern and traditional homes – or when they have large doors to outdoor entertaining areas, which would be ruined by traditional grille style doors.

If it’s not Crimsafe, it’s not crim-safe

Crimsafe is a truly revolutionary security product, which has spawned a number of inferior copycat stainless steel screen competitors. BEWARE – when others say their product is ‘the same as Crimsafe’ – it is not. Examine the cross-section of a Crimsafe and competitor product and you’ll see the advantage of the design.

Attempts to break through a Crimsafe screens are inevitably unsuccessful due to the fact that the screws are drilled through the mesh and into the other side of the frame, forcing the screw-clamp to bite down on the mesh to grip it in a near unbreakable hold.

But don’t just take our word for it. Crimsafe, and many of its competitors, have been rigorously, independently tested – proving Crimsafe is unparalleled when it comes to stainless steel security screens.

Crimsafe for Doors and Windows

The Crimsafe system is available in a number of different security products, including Hinged Doors, Sliding Doors, Window Screens and Fire Attenuation Screens.

Discover how you can feel safer in your home by exploring the Crimsafe range of security screen at our display centre, only 10 minutes out of the city or arrange a time for one of our consultants to come to you.

Don’t forget, if you are renovating or building, bring in your plans so we can help find the perfect solution.

Call 8336 2066 to talk to our team today and see what Crimsafe product will work best for you, or visit our showroom at 5/511 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown to see our Crimsafe range on display.

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    Stan Bond SA - Crimsafe Adelaide - Image of Derek Tidey demonstrating Crimsafe
    Stan Bond SA - Crimsafe Adelaide - Image of Derek Tidey demonstrating Crimsafe
    Stan Bond SA - Crimsafe Adelaide - Image of Derek Tidey demonstrating Crimsafe
    Stan Bond SA - Crimsafe Adelaide - Image of Derek Tidey demonstrating Crimsafe
    Stan Bond SA - Crimsafe Adelaide - Image of Steve Brabeck Crimsafe

    Crimsafe Classic

    The new benchmark in security screens, Crimsafe Classic offers the proven strength of Crimsafe, with smoother, cleaner lines. Using the exclusive CF6 Screw-Clamp system, the clamp bites down on the stainless steel mesh with a vice like grip.

    Crimsafe Classic can withstand an impact five times stronger than the level required by the Australian Standard.

    Be assured with Crimsafe Classic’s strength, that you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics. Crimsafe Classic has a newly engineered frame with no visible screws from the inside or out. Available in a range of standard neutral colours and timber-look frames, Crimsafe can also be powdered coated to your choice of colour for

    Crimsafe Classic is suitable for hinged doors, sliding doors, stacking doors, french doors and fixed windows.

    Crimsafe Ultimate

    Crimsafe Ultimate provides the highest level of security available in security doors. It is the next evolution of security screen technology, combining even greater strength with a sleek modern aesthetic. Crimsafe Ultimate’s superior strength, versatility and architectural styling is second to none.

    This high level Crimsafe security screen can withstand an impact up to seven times stronger than the level required by the Australian standard and 40% stronger than the regular Crimsafe product.

    The key Crimsafe Ultimate difference is in the number of screws used to provide extra strength. There are twice as many screws fastening the mesh to the frame with a clip on cover on the inside to conceal the screws. This unique sealing system provides even more protection against intruders and environmental forces, with an internal clip-on cover that creates a sealed chamber to conceal and protect the screws. With a slim-line construction, which hides the fastening system from view, and curved profile, the aesthetic is sleek and elegant, enhancing the look of any home or business from the inside and out.

    Custom made to suit your size requirements, Crimsafe Ultimate can be manufactured to a wide variety of applications to fit your home and lifestyle needs. Crimsafe Ultimate particularly suits larger openings as the bigger frame looks more proportionate.

    Stan Bond SA - Crimsafe Adelaide - Image of Crimsafe components


    The latest Crimsafe product on the market, Crimsafe Classic. Get the renowned strength of Crimsafe to protect your home and family without breaking the bank. It’s new design with square framing and sleek lines suits both modern and traditional homes, allowing your security to be a feature of the home, not an eyesore.

    Features & Benefits

    Crimsafe is better than the others.

    That’s no boast, simply fact. We use thicker mesh and a screw-clamp system that is shown to be significantly better and harder to break into than our competitors. So many competitors claim their product is ‘the same as Crimsafe’ but independent testing shows they are not.

    Up to 40% of your home’s warmth is gained and reduced through glass doors and windows. Installing Crimsafe over glass doors and windows increases the cooling, heat retention and overall energy efficiency of a building – as verified by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).

    That’s 10 years’ of comfort and peace of mind – with some products offering extended warranties of 12 and 15 years. That’s how assured we are that each product lives up to what it promises and what you need.

    • Tensile-Tuff 304 Stainless Steel Security Mesh
    • 0.9mm in diameter
    • 26.5% thicker than most other mesh products
    • Developed for security
    • Effective insect screen
    • Corrosion resistant

    Extra strength and benefits include:

    • 40% stronger than regular Crimsafe
    • Clip-on cover for extra layer of security
    • Greater design flexibility in securing large openings

    Our stainless mesh provides maximum security with no intrusive appearance of bars and grilles. Powder-coated frames and mesh provide simple, clean lines that suit both modern minimalist and traditional design homes. You get maximum security, with a great view.

    Crimsafe tests have endured 3,000 hours of prohesion sodium spray tests, simulating 30 years of environmental vulnerability – resulting in no signs of corrosion, no lack of adhesion and no blistering.

    Offering the highest risk rating, and CSIRO tested for fire attenuation, these screens reduce the intensity of radiant heat flux and naked flame by up to 45% – making them suitable for high risk homes or as a fire attenuation screen.

    • Secures Tensile-Tuff Mesh to the frame
    • Special ‘teeth’ match the profile of the mesh
    • Vice-like grip

    Our range of Crimsafe Security doors come in hinged, sliding or stacking options. You can even add a Pet Door to allow the most important family members access.

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    Crimsafe Frequently Asked Questions

    Stan Bond Adelaide is a licensed Crimsafe manufacturer and makes to the standard set out by Crimsafe. We have manufactured the Crimsafe range for over 10 years. You can be sure that you are getting genuine parts and our production processes are regularly audited by Crimsafe head office. All genuine Crimsafe products include the Crimsafe badge to show it’s authenticity. If there’s no badge, it’s not a real Crimsafe product.

    Crimsafe is often slightly more expensive than some of the other Stainless Steel products on the market, but it shows in the quality difference in the products. The Crimsafe patent made it difficult for competitor products to use the screw clamp technology which is the major point of difference. The method of holding the mesh into the frame gives the screen the strength to withstand real life attack. Many of the alternate products, even those which say they ‘are as strong as Crimsafe’, do not even meet the 100 joule test for a security product. Crimsafe is a real life security product, where many others are just insect screening.

    When you invest in Crimsafe, you invest in Australia’s strongest security screens. The Crimsafe quality is backed by a 10 year warranty as a standard, with the option to extend to 12 years for Regular and Classic Crimsafe or 15 years for Crimsafe Ultimate. To extend your warranty, head to the Crimsafe website and register your product.

    Crimsafe Ultimate is the strongest Crimsafe product on the market with added features that improve the modern look and increase the strength of the security screen. The key differences are in the greater number of screws fastening the mesh to the frame (twice as many), and the clip-on cover that conceals the screws. This not only gives the frame a smooth, sleek appearance, it provides greater protection from intruders and also corrosion. Crimsafe Ultimate is 40% stronger than the Crimsafe Regular product. It particularly suits large openings as the bigger frame looks more proportionate.

    Crimsafe Classic is the newest Crimsafe product to be released. With a smoother, cleaner finish, Crimsafe Classic is the new benchmark in security screens. Withstanding an impact five times stronger than the level required by the Australian Standard, you can know you’re safe with Crimsafe Classic.

    To buy Crimsafe Doors and Screens just give us a call on 08 8336 2066 to make an appointment with a consultant. The consultant will measure and quote for your needs and arrange the necessary paperwork. At Stan Bond you always get the Genuine Crimsafe Stainless Steel product, not a inferior copy.

    The Crimsafe screw clamp security system can be used on Security Doors and Window Screens. They use different heavy duty frames but the strength and security are the same. This means Crimsafe Screens can be used to cover the opening part of windows or the whole window depending on your security needs.


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